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Who are We ?



Recently created, AlSajin 52 is an independent citizens’ initiative , launched by a group of individuals. This initiative is open to all individuals , proposals, reviews, support, testimonials and contributions.

AlSajin 52 does not speak for anyone but aims to revive the old dream that is to change the law 52 and to save succeeding generations of our country.

AlSajin 52 talks about the experience of users and ex-prisoners.

AlSajin 52 relates life stories and reflections of professionals ( legal, medical , police , psychological, social … ), theoretical horizons and ground realities wich are very special about this law.

Beyond the social and intellectual adventure it represents, AlSajin 52 is designed as an incentive tool debate.

Our objectives :

Being convinced that the noose tightens against the people through, among others , the law No. 52 of 18 May 1992 on the use of cannabis, this group consists of independent and different people who have decided to meet for the sole purpose : Reform this law considered repressive. Law 52, today, still maintains the relentlessness police and judiciary in place, the same as in the days of the old regime of Ben Ali.

· AlSajin 52 is the abortion of the sentence of imprisonment against drug users , especially cannabis ( ZATLA ) governed by this law. Reform deemed necessary and intended to meet a real popular expectation.

· AlSajin 52 does not in any way seek to encourage drug use, but is convinced that the sentence of a year or more in prison , does not provide motivation for withdrawal in many cases.

· AlSajin 52 tries by this initiative to make people understand the reality of cannabis in our society of consumption or overconsumption .

Our fight is the fight of ALL !


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